Maurice R. Fritze
Maurice R. Fritze
Here are the different ways in which government relations can be contracted:
Positioning the client
Creating a positive and enduring image of the client – shaping the message to fit the client, polishing the client to meet the decision-maker. Depending on the luxury of time, this can happen prior to or during the communication period.
Monitoring and Analysis
What’s going on in government, what are the present conditions in support of or contrary to the client’s interests? What are the pressures facing budgets, what are the external forces acting upon government, what is the likelihood of a successful ask? We arrange customized questions and answers based on the client’s needs. We offer customized reports on pending legislation, interim studies, special commissions, task forces, round tables, and other venues both inside and outside the legislative process. This includes tracking discussions, drafts, emerging issues, research reports and other activities that may ultimately affect legislation or client interests.
Strategic Planning, Advice and Counsel
The component of lobbying that spells out an action plan, goals, strategy and tactics. Whether executed by the lobbyist on behalf of the client, or with the lobbyist in the background, it is about who does what and why. Composing arguments and writing a case statement: your position, research and request.
The government relation specialist helps clients identify and engage key decision makers and opinion leaders, including potential government "champions" for client issues. Government players are identified and communication strategies are carried out. While a lobbyist can deliver a message - we strongly believe clients are their own best advocates. A good campaign builds strategic alliances and builds bridges to success. If media training and media relations are integral to your goals, we can help.
Issues management
Issues management refers to unique, critical challenges that often impact on a person, organization or corporation that can only be managed to a successful outcome through careful planning, using proven steps to execute a carefully designed plan and by the involvement of multiple parties and stakeholders. What qualifies as an issue? Any event, report, or combination of events and information that negatively impacts a person, product, corporation or group of people. This issue [as defined] can put at risk one’s ability to fulfill its goals, dreams or ambitions.
Grassroots Campaigns
Most lobbies involve leaders, implementation specialists and communication experts. Another kind of lobby is one that belongs to a collection of people - often organized, but this is not a requirement. A most recent example of the latter is response by the community affected by cuts to the Persons with Developmental Disabilities budget. Remember the media dispute between the cable providers and the television broadcasters? This is an example of a different kind of grassroots campaign – both sides were asking their followers to pick up the phone and influence the CRTC. Each message was inviting a grassroots lobby, a lobby considered by law-makers as essential to good government. A grassroots support to your lobby can make a difference; we know how and can advise you of opportunity and timing.
Here is a list of services that can be provided:
• Identify supportive interests and initiate contact
• Develop programs to educate and motivate members and employees to be politically engaged and active
• Develop key messages and communications methods to mobilize supporters
• Mobilize supporters to express themselves to politicians and officials thorough mail, fax, e-mail, telephone calls and personal meetings
• Establish a virtual campaign organization using social media
• Identify key government contacts and build champions within the system
• Develop caucus & legislature committee presentations and related media programs
• Establish regular contact program for key political supporters
• Use Cabinet and Standing Committees to advance client positions
• Create coalitions in favor of the client
• Build support within cabinet, caucus and in the Legislature
• Prepare all necessary support materials – letters, briefs, talking points, & applications
• Project-manage any necessary legal, environmental and economic impact studies and industry consultation processes [billing extra]
• Track legislative and committee proceedings
• Work with Cabinet Committees
• Prepare briefs, opening statements, Q & As and speeches
• Create coalition and grass roots mobilization campaigns
• Provide crisis management or issue management tactics & advice
• Research Canadian/Albertan legislative acts and regulations
• Monitor issues, public policy, legislation and regulation
• Advance strategies and tactics that add value to client’s goal
• Ensure your organization’s voice is heard and understood by government – by the right officials at the right time
• Chart a course for your organization to inform the direction taken by government.
• Train and mentor in-house government relations staff and strategic process that are integrated with client’s goals
• Providing assistance and advice on preparing, and following up on meetings
I am committed to compliance with legislation as a consultant lobbyist. I will register following an agreement to work for any client. There will be no direct billing for events and fundraisers attended on your behalf if these out-of-pocket expenses fall within the prohibited section of Alberta legislation for municipalities or publicly funded institutions identified in law.
Additional services that may be contracted:
• Establish a virtual campaign organization using social media
• Project-manage web site design, content and promotion and any required functionality (fund-raising, feedback, e-mail and letter campaigns and action centres, etc.)
• Arrange other supportive advocacy advertising.
• Create coalitions in favor of the client [utilizing virtual campaign strategies where appropriate]

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