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For more than 15 years, Maurice Fritze has partnered with clients to make social and legislative change. Our clients have successfully advocated to protect the environment, improve public education, build a children’s hospital, receive disaster relief and advance human rights and social justice.
For essential, strategic advice on how to advance your case for government decision or action, call Maurice today. 587-523-9467.
Government Relations
A customized relationship will be crafted to meet your unique needs.
Lobbying or government relations agreements are 3 months, 6 months and 12 months in duration with exit clauses and notice requirements. Both parties agree to protect the reputation of the other party and to maintain agreed upon aspects of confidentiality. An initial retainer will be asked for upon agreeing to work together. Client will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.
In every agreement, there is a period of time where the consultant lobbyist needs to become familiar with the file; this includes getting to know the client’s people, the client’s issues, previous work on the file, and familiarization with the ministry — specifically in regards to the goals of the client. Depending on the complexity of the file, this can be as little as a few hours to a few days.
Lobby Coach
Maurice Fritze would provide advice, counsel and encouragement to the client, but not make contact, do research, develop plans or write arguments. This is a good choice for clients who have staff and leaders who want to develop skills and become personally involved in lobbying.
Lobby Consultant
Maurice Fritze would provide coaching [see above] and in addition, Maurice would respond to the needs of the client in the area of research, planning, writing and strategic advice. This is a step up from coaching, and puts a bit more responsibility on Maurice to lead or influence the lobby.
Lobby Campaign Director
Maurice Fritze would research, plan, oversee and execute the government relations plans of the client. All of the activities listed for coaching and consulting are included. This is a good choice for clients who want the experience of the lobbyist and do not have key staff available to carry out these responsibilities.
Maurice Fritze would research, plan, oversee and execute the government relations plans of the client, including making direct contact and presenting arguments when it makes sense strategically. Out of Edmonton clients may find this choice beneficial, but this doesn’t diminish the requirement for the client to attend critical meetings on its own behalf.
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